Do you ever think to yourself, blogs just aren’t any fun anymore. I mean sure, there’s the 💩 emoji. You could add that to blog post. That’s fun. But then you see the 💩 emoji a few times, and they make a movie about it and the reviewers say that the movie is “so completely devoid of wit, style, intelligence or basic entertainment value that it makes that movie based on the Angry Birds app seem like a pure artistic statement by comparison”, and then you’re like, “Wow, I am bored.”

If you’re bored like that and you have a Hugo blog, you can add any of about 2,500 custom emoji to your site by using the Emojitown Hugo module.

To add Emojitown to your site, add the following to your site’s config file:

    path = "github.com/ianmadd/emojitown"
    source = "data"
    target = "data"
    source = "layouts/shortcodes"
    target = "layouts/shortcodes"
    source = "static"
    target = "static"

The run hugo mod get github.com/ianmadd/emojitown to add the module to your site. From there you use Emojitown to add all kinds of custom emoji to your Hugo site.

Do you want spice up your blog by adding a dancing MC Hammer? Just add {{< emojitown emoji="mchammer" >}} to your blog page and you’ve got MC Hammer dancing all day mchammer . Do you want a dancing Chewbacca chewbacca , dancing Ned Flanders diddlydoo , or a birb at a rave birbrave ? Done.

But wait, there’s more!

What if one emoji just doesn’t fully express what you feel about something? Maybe an old man shaking his fist at the clouds shakesfist just isn’t strong enough to express how much you dislike something. For those special cases, the emojitown shortcode has the emojiparty parameter. If you really don’t like something, just drop a barf party on it like this, {{< emojitown emojiparty="barf" >}} and tell the world how you really feel.

barf barfception barfernetes barfing-barf barfing-basket barfing-blobfish barfing-butterfly barfing-money barfing-d20 barfing-ferris barfire barfing-habicat barfing-is-fine barfing-lock barfing-lol barfing-pagerduty barfing-peach sharf barfing-pwsh barfing-rubberduck barfing-santa sigh-barfing barfing-sudo barfing-taco barfing-waving party-clown-barfing clown-barf cool-barfing cool-cat-barfing rolling-eyes-barfing habarficat-2 indeed-barfing joy-barfing liz-barf nerd-barfing rage-barf sad-barfing shrug-barfing shrug-barfing2 sleepy-barfing slurpee-barfing sweat-barfing

The emojitown shortcode looks through the JSON file for every emoji name that partially matches the emojiparty parameter, and then it displays every matching file. That means that emojiparty="barf" gets you sigh-barfing.png, barfing-santa.png, clown-barf.png, and every other file that returns a match from the JSON file.

Want to have a dance party? Just add emojiparty="dance" to emojitown:

blob_dancer dance bender catbug chewbacca dancingcorgi disco_dance mchammer leftshark-dance megaman_dance panda_dance penguindance dancing_pizza dancingturkey dancedancerevolution danceydoge diddlydoo hamdance hamsterdance happydance pusheen_dance dancing_lisa snoopydance totoro_dance turtle-dance

Do you want a parrot wave? We’ve got that.

parrotwave1 parrotwave2 parrotwave3 parrotwave4 parrotwave5 parrotwave6 parrotwave7

Whether you did something stupid doh , think something is great awesome , are mildly irritated sigh , or are dealing with a disaster dumpster_fire , emojitown has you covered.

With that, I leave you with the emojiparty party.

100-party belfastchristmasparty catparty cowboy-partying party-try-not-to-cry pwm meow-party party-alien party-blob party-clown-barfing party-dinosaur party-dumpster-fire party-goose party-gritty party-moon party-mustache party-otter party-sob party-work-from-home party_andrewwk party_baby party_beard party_docker party_elliott party_fidget party_merge party_parrot party_parrot_slow party_pizza party_plane party_plus_sign party_porg party_try_not_to_cry party_wizard partying-sleeping partykeanu partytom poolparty sad-cat-partying sparty tada-party tiredparty
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