BFG Repo-Cleaner - Deleting Large Files From Git

BFG Repo-Cleaner is the best way to delete a large file from a git repository that you’ve already committed.

When a file is committed to a repository it stays in the repository’s history, and is uploaded to a remote repository even if you remove it in a subsequent commit. This allows a user to undo a subsequent commit and return to a previous version even if the user deletes files in the later commit.

However, users may want to completely delete a file that is too large for the remote server, or a file that has sensitive information stored in it. Git makes it difficult to completely delete a file from the entire repository history. But, BFG Repo-Cleaner will delete those files from every commit in a repositiory’s history.

Download from their website and follow their instructions.

You’ll need the Java Development Kit if you don’t already have it installed.