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I also volunteer as a grant writer for the Orang Utan Republik Foundation. OURF supports conservation, outreach, and environmental education projects in North Sumatra, Indonesia to save wild Sumatran orangutans and their habitat. Orangutans are threatened by the expansion of palm oil plantations, logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, and the illegal pet trade; as a result orangutans are critically endangered.

OURF accepts donations here.


Graduate School Thesis

My MFA thesis from Montana State University.

How To Use Data Tables in R

A guide to using the data.table package in R.

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BFG Repo-Cleaner is the best way to delete a large file from a git repository that you’ve already committed. When a file is committed to a repository it stays in the repository’s history, and is uploaded to a remote repository even if you remove it in a subsequent commit. This allows a user to undo a subsequent commit and return to a previous version even if the user deletes files in the later commit.


Here are a few articles about using the passive voice. I could provide my own commentary but these articles are better than anything that I would write. In short, people often use the passive voice excessively or incorrectly, but the passive voice is an effective way to describe a passive subject or a victim. Poynter Institute - NPR tornado report reveals the elements of vivid newswriting Poynter Institute - In praise of the passive voice Poynter Institute - Blindsided: How Christie used passive verbs to turn himself into a victim NY Times - The Pleasures and Perils of the Passive How To Identify The Passive Voice I was stumped when I first started looking for the passive voice in my own writing.


Summary Warnings Mac OS needs python Other projects may need specific versions of python Installation Homebrew Anaconda PATH and .bash_profile PATH .bash_profile Homebrew - pyenv Pyenv Local Pyenv Global Locate Python Uninstall python Homebrew Troubleshooting Uninstall Python from Pyenv Anaconda Additional Resources XKCD Summary It’s easy to install multiple versions of python on a Mac computer using installers from python.


I just discovered an awesome tutorial on blogdown written by Alison. I have to admit this is the best blogdown tutorial I have seen so far.


To me, the two most impressive websites based on blogdown are:

  1. Rob J Hyndman’s personal website.
  2. Live Free or Dichotomize by Lucy and Nick et al.

I’m sure there will be more.


This sample post is mainly for blogdown users. If you do not use blogdown, you can skip the first section. 1. Markdown or R Markdown This is a post written in plain Markdown (*.md) instead of R Markdown (*.Rmd). The major differences are: You cannot run any R code in a plain Markdown document, whereas in an R Markdown document, you can embed R code chunks (```{r}); A plain Markdown post is rendered through Blackfriday, and an R Markdown document is compiled by rmarkdown and Pandoc.


R Markdown This is an R Markdown document. Markdown is a simple formatting syntax for authoring HTML, PDF, and MS Word documents. For more details on using R Markdown see You can embed an R code chunk like this: summary(cars) ## speed dist ## Min. : 4.0 Min. : 2.00 ## 1st Qu.:12.0 1st Qu.: 26.00 ## Median :15.0 Median : 36.00 ## Mean :15.4 Mean : 42.98 ## 3rd Qu.